Skip Energy Drink When You are Tired

Some times you must skip energy drink consumption to avoid fatigue, dizziness. Let me tell you why?

Energy drinks boost energy levels but some people also feel tired after consuming energy drinks. Energy drinks contain caffeine which makes you feel you are more alert and energized instantly. While caffeinated energy drinks give you an energy boost, these can also crash when caffeine wears off. This can leave a person more tired than before. Over time consumption of the same kind of caffeinated energy drink may not boost energy the way it used to do earlier and this happens when you consume energy drinks more frequently to stay alert. Consumption of more energy drinks is not a good practice for your health.

Consumption of more energy drinks does not mean more energy or more alertness. High levels of energy drink consumption can lead you to agitation, shakiness, heart palpitation, upset stomach etc. Energy drinks also affect your sleep pattern. If you consume energy drink in the afternoon or evening this can put an impact on your night sleep. Energy drinks contain caffeine that helps to reduce fluid buildup in the body as a result of which it will lead you to dehydration. Dehydration can cause fatigue, dizziness, in short it will make you feel more tired. Caffeine temporarily blocks adenosine so when the caffeine of your energy drink wears off you can again feel tired. Study shows people who consume caffeinated energy drink regularly they have increased number of adenosine receptors in their Central Nervous System which means they are sensitive to the chemicals and feel more tired.

Many energy drinks also contain high levels of sugar which provide instant energy. The sugar in this is broken into glucose. This kind of energy boost is very short lived and crashes down soon and you again start feeling more tired and sluggish.

Where on the one side the energy drink can give you an instant energy boost, on the other side it can also make you feel more sluggish or tired so try to boost energy by adopting natural ways like exercise, healthy diet and enough sleep. These natural ways will be far more beneficial than having energy drinks to boost energy.

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