Laughter Therapy – Laughter Can Actually Improve Mental Health

We all have heard the phrase that Laughter is the best medicine and it’s actually true. Laughter therapy improves mental health by reducing stress, improving mood, soothing tension, strengthening relationships and increasing personal satisfaction.

When you laugh your blood pressure and heart rate increase and then decrease, as a result of which you feel better and relaxed which means it decreases stress hormones and leaves your muscle relaxed upto 45 minutes. Laughter triggers the release of endorphins which is the feel good chemical of the human body. Endorphins promote overall well being and temporarily decrease physical pain.

You can’t feel anxiety, anger or sadness while laughing. Laughter allows you to see things in a more realistic way. Laughter can actually work as a mood booster. Apart from reducing stress it also helps to boost the immune system. The more you laugh, the happier you will feel.

Many people experience depression and anxiety due to some tough situation or some chronic illness. Laughter therapy can make them feel happy and helps to improve self-esteem. Laughter is contagious, you are likely to laugh more when you are surrounded by many other people.

A program called Stand Up For Mental Health founded in 2004, uses standup comedy to promote healing. People having mental health disorders are taught to do stand-up comedy and they give their performances in different mental health organizations which help performers to gain a sense of control. Further, these performances help to educate people about mental health issues.

Research shows laughter releases physical and emotional tension and elevates mood.

Laughter may not cure depression or any other mental health condition but it can reduce their symptoms. Laughing can help people to protect their mindset. Some people are prone to feel negative and they might find it difficult to laugh. In that case comedy films or books can help them.

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