Coffee Nap – Drink Coffee for a Better Nap

Drinking coffee can actually help you to have a better nap. It’s more commonly known as coffee nap. You must be thinking how coffee can help you to sleep better? We shall tell you how it works!

How It Works?

Just drinking a cup of coffee and taking a short nap is the most effective way to beat the sluggishness during the day time. Caffeine works by blocking a chemical called Adenosine which is a neurotransmitter. Adenosine naturally gets produced in our brain and builds up throughout the day and signals you to go to sleep. When you fall asleep, Adenosine is cleared from the brain. Hence, to clear out the Adenosine from the brain the brain sends you to sleep. When you consume caffeine it starts competing with Adenosine for the same receptors in the brain. In order for caffeine to work the brain needs to clear the Adenosine which involves the process of sending you to sleep. In other words sleeping enhances the availability of receptors in the brain for caffeine.

Caffeine which comes from coffee that helps to boost energy levels and this gets more effective when you go for a nap after having a cup of coffee. However, you cannot sleep for long hours after having a cup of coffee as the caffeine starts showing its effect after some time. But when you try for a small nap, coffee is the best option as the body takes time to feel the effects of caffeine. A short nap after taking caffeine helps to clear out Adenosine and when it’s all clear, you wake up and feel more energized.

The combination of a short nap and caffeine sharpens your mind as well. Studies show people make very few errors in their work after taking a coffee nap. Caffeine elevates your mood and boosts the production of Dopamine, a chemical that makes you feel happy.

Coffee naps should be taken for 20 to 30 minutes, if you wake up before that you might feel groggy. This 20 to 30 minute nap during the day time is also referred to as power nap. During this period you are entering into the light stage of sleep which makes you feel easier to wake up. So Coffee nap can be taken between morning and afternoon whenever you want. Avoid taking caffeine before bed time as it might interfere with your sleep. Always drink at least a glass of water after the coffee nap to rehydrate your body.

Coffee nap can be an excellent choice to energize your body instantly. Coffee napping can alleviate your tiredness and boost your alertness but don’t forget that nothing can replace the benefit of a good night’s sleep. Don’t rely completely on caffeine because too much of caffeine intake during the day time can also be harmful.

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