Causes of Droopy Eyelids

Causes of Droopy Eyelids | Treatments

What does a droopy eyelid mean? A droopy eyelid is excess sagging of your upper eyelid. The other name of droopy eyelid is ptosis. The droopy eyelid can be caused by many factors like; trauma, age and medical condition. This slowly blocks your normal vision. Anyone can get droopy eyelid but it is seen mostly in adults. Treatment for the droopy eyelid depends on the causes of droopy eyelids and its severity. Here in this article we have explained causes and treatments of droopy eyelid which may help you to resolve the issue and see well.

Causes of Droopy Eyelids

What causes a droopy eyelid? There are many different causes of droopy eyelids. Droopy of your upper eyelid is caused by 3 main reasons.

  1. Weakness in the eye muscle can cause you droopy eyelid. The weakness can be by birth, age or due to some medical conditions such as a stroke, brain tumor, or cancer.
  2. Damage in nerves that control the upper eyelid. This usually happens after cataract surgery.
  3. Looseness of upper eyelid due to age.

Symptoms of Drooping Eyelid

The main sign of drooping eyelid is excess sagging of your upper eyelid. The drooping eyelid is not painful but yes, this blocks the vision. Hence the first symptom you will start noticing that your vision has started getting blocked. Slowly this covers the pupil of the eye and blocks the vision completely.

  • You may tip your head to see well.
  • Tiredness and achiness around the eyes.
  • Tearing eyes instead of feeling dryness in the eyes.

Can a Droopy Eyelid be Fixed?

Yes, droopy eyelids can be fixed. Doctors mostly go for surgery but this can also be fixed through non-surgical ways as well. For children doctors often don’t go for surgery. They treat through the drops, patches and glasses to prevent amblyopia. Doctors keep a check if the child needs any surgery as they get older. For adults, injections and fillers are being used to treat the droopy eyelids.

Treatments for Droopy Eyelids

The treatment for the droopy eyelid depends on the condition and the causes of droopy eyelids. If the condition is related to age then your doctor may ask you to go for a plastic surgery. However, the treatment can be done in 3 different ways. These are:

Levator Resection

In the ptosis surgery the levator muscle gets tightened by the surgeon. This surgery includes the removal of extra mass and any additional skin from the eyelid which helps to lift the upper eyelids to the desired position. This surgery has some bad effects too. There are some risks such as dry eye, a scratched cornea, and a hematoma are associated with this surgery.

Frontalis Aling

The other option can be “sling” operation. In this surgery the forehead muscles are used to treat the droopy eyelid. Incisions are made in the upper eyelid and frontalis muscle of the forehead so that the upper eyelid can be controlled perfectly using the frontalis muscle of the forehead. This adjustment of muscles helps to elevate the eyelids. This also allows to rejuvenate the facial aesthetic.

All these were surgical ways to treat the droopy eyelids but if you are asking how to fix droopy eyelid without going for a surgery then we have the answer for you. One is non-surgical and the other one is natural way. The non-surgical ways include prescribed eye drops, injections, fillers, Ptosis crutch and natural ways include using chamomile tea bags, Cucumbers, Ice cubes.

Non-Surgical Ways and Medication:
Eye Drop

The prescribed eye drop for ptosis is an alternative to the surgeries and off-label drugs for fixing the issue. These eye drops containing oxymetazoline hydrochloride may help to fix the droopy eyelids. They work on eyelid muscle to elevate the eyelid.

Ptosis Crutch

Ptosis crutch attachment to your wearable glasses may help you to fix the ptosis. This is one of the best options to fix the droopy eyelid concern in a non-surgical way. This is a kind of bar which is placed inside the frame and gets installed to the frame. It lifts the eyelid and holds the eyelids in place. Ptosis crutch attachment is very easy to install and this can be installed on any type of eyewear. However this works better when it is installed on metal frames.

The Crutches can be two types. One is adjustable and the other one is a reinforced clutch. Adjustable clutches are attached to the one side of the frames and reinforced clutches are attached to the both sides of the frames.


This is also another way to fix the issue of droopy eyelids without going for a surgery. Injections that contain botulinum toxins help tighten the sagging skin of eyelids.

One of the causes of droopy eyelids is aging. These injections help to strengthen the weakening muscles of eyelids caused by aging. Patients are injected with the injection into the outer end of the eyebrows to elevate the eyebrows as well. These injections give an easy option to fix the issue but their effect is not permanent. Usually the effect of these injections last till 3 to 4 months but by that time the eyelids regain their strength.


Fillers can fix the issue of droopy eyelids however the effect is temporary. The fillers can increase the volume in the lower eyelid and cheek area and improve the hollowness that forms under the bag within the eyelids.

Natural Remedies for Droopy Eyelids:
Chamomile Tea Bags

Using a chamomile tea bag can be considered as the best natural remedy for droopy eyelids. Chamomile contains natural anti-inflammatory properties which help in strengthening the skin. This not only helps fixing the droopy eyelids but this is also effective on baggy, puffy and sagging eyelids. It strengthens your skin around the eyes which helps you in elevating the upper eyelids and also reduces swelling, puffiness around the eyes. You just have to keep the soaked chamomile tea bags into the refrigerator for about 15 to 20 minutes and then take them out of the refrigerator and place them on your eyes for 15 to 20 minutes. Keep doing this regularly and it will surely help you in fixing the sagging eyelids.


Cucumbers contain pantothenic acid which helps in rejuvenating skin. They also contain potassium and vitamin C which help you to revitalize the skin. All these together help fix the issue of sagging eyelids or droopy eyelids. You just have to slice up a fresh cucumber and place them on the eyes and keep them for a few minutes.

Ice Cubes

Ice cubes tighten the skin and constrict the blood vessels as well which make them effective on fixing the droopy eyelids.

Ptosis is a problem, especially when you are driving, reading or walking. Hence a proper treatment of droopy eyelid is required. We have explained you the causes of droopy eyelids, and further provided you with some natural remedies in this article however If they don’t work properly then you must go to an ophthalmologist. Further, you should be cautious while using any home or natural remedies as the areas of eyes are sensitive.

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